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Our product improves customer care and increases online sales of over 37,000 companies from 150 countries worldwide.

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net profit growth in H1 22/23

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increase of revenues in Q1

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MRR yoy growth in Q1 22/23

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LiveChat Software joins the WIG30 index

LiveChat Software shares will be included in the WIG30 index. This is the result of a quarterly correction of indices, which will come into force after the trading session on December 16. “GPW Benchmark announces that following the trading session on December 16, 2022 there will be a quarterly adjustment concerning WIG20, WIG20TR, mWIG40, mWIG40TR, sWIG80, sWIG80TR, WIG30 and WIG30TR indices portfolios.” - stated GPW Benchmark in a communiqué. In the WIG30 and WIG30TR portfolios there will be following changes:


LiveChat Software’s revenue up 34% year over year, and net profit up by 27.4% in the first half of the year

LiveChat Software Group reported PLN 141.3M of revenues in H1 of the financial year 2022/23 (which started on April 1) and PLN 75.6M of the consolidated net profit, up 35.1% and 27.4% respectively year over year. “It has been a busy half of a year, but a good one. Our priorities remain unchanged,”said Mariusz Ciepły, LiveChat Software CEO.“We are concentrating on the value we bring our clients and end users. We rolled out 40 new, important integrations in the last three years.


OpenWidget by LiveChat Software will help e-commerce businesses during the upcoming peak season.

OpenWidget is the latest solution from LiveChat Software. This free and easy-to-install tool allows e-commerce businesses to improve their customer satisfaction and increase profits in the upcoming peak shopping season. “The quality of business communication on the internet needs to improve and we believe we can be the ones to do it,” said Konrad Kruk, who was responsible for OpenWidget.“This tool helps e-commerce businesses make money by allowing end-users better access to the help and information that’s most important to them while decreasing cart abandonment rates.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: Help people and businesses communicate better and fully express themselves.

Our Vision: Customer communication without barriers.

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