Development Strategy

We are distinguished by the fact that we feel responsible for the quality of communication on both sides of this process We support companies in more effective communication, but our goal is also to provide the best experience and improve the quality of services for millions of people who use our solutions every day.

Product and services. The products and services we provide are to meet all of our client’s communication needs. In the current environment, it is not the brand but the customer that dictates the rules of communication Our products enable contact with the company at a time and place he chooses through any communication channel and freely express himself and his emotions. We will also be able to maximize the number of interactions carried out through our solutions.

Target markets. Our clients are companies of all sizes representing all industries. One of our significant competitive advantages is a very effective, automated sales process for small and medium sized companies. We intend to maintain this advantage while focusing on medium sized companies. Maintaining a strong position in the small business segment will help us generate new leads. Increasing the number of corporate clients will translate into increased predictability of our business and its even greater stability We believe that we have the technological and organizational capabilities needed to provide services for this market segment Despite this, further work is required in order to adapt products, marketing, and build a sales department to achieve this goal.

We offer our clients not only technological solutions but also our expert knowledge accumulated thanks to 18 years of supporting online communication. We focus on the US market, which is the largest for us in terms of sales value and future growth potential, but also sets trends for the entire industry.

Economies of Scale. Our solutions are used by thousands of companies and millions of end users It gives us data and experience that we use for further growth development of our current products and designing new ones We focus on implementing projects with the highest potential.

Focus on data. Looking for opportunities for further growth, we will rely on available data and invest in their analysis.

Open Infrastructure and products. Our products are to be open and easy to integrate with other solutions provided by external suppliers Even our API (Application Programming Interface) becomes a product in itself.