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LiveChat product is a tool for quick contact between clients and the Company using a chat application embedded on the company’s website. The solution is used mainly for customer service and online sales.

The company offers mobile application and desktop versions of the product and it is also possible to use it in a browser-based form. This gives users of the product an ability to chat with clients virtually anywhere and anytime.

Examples of the product’s use are very varied. LiveChat solution can facilitate sales processes in e-commerce, serve as a recruitment supporting tool in education and HR and as a contact channel in industries which require personalized communications, such as real estate.

LiveChat offers numerous functionalities, not just facilitating conversation with clients, but also making communications management easier. Users are offered features which engage their clients (e.g. automatic invitations to start a conversation), a ticketing system (which makes it possible for clients to leave a message after hours), tracking the behavior of website visitors and an analytical panel. All the data collected using the LiveChat application are an attractive source of knowledge, to be used in the sales, service and customer support process.

The product’s structure makes it possible for users to integrate it with other instruments, vastly expanding its usability.



Chatbot is a product which allows the creation of conversational chatbots to handle various business scenarios. Their main goal is to automate corporate communications and to improve the effectiveness of customer service teams by addressing repeatable customer inquiries. The solution, introduced to the market, fits into the Company’s strategy to develop the offering of products for text-based customer communications. At the same time it responds to the now popular trend towards automation of communications using AI-based mechanisms.



KnowledgeBase platform lets companies create their own knowledge bases, which can be accessed by both their employees and clients.

Thanks to KnowledgeBase, articles relating to, for example, technical assistance, are all gathered in one place. This way, an employee doesn’t have to switch between various browser tabs to seek out an answer to the question while dealing with customer service, but merely seeks out the information in the knowledge base. This boosts the efficiency of the customer service and speeds up communications with clients. At the same time, it lets clients seek out solutions to their problem by themselves.



HelpDesk, an application that enables companies to simplify their team efforts when it comes to running customer service via email.

The HelpDesk solution enables customers to leave a message for a company by using dedicated email addresses. It’s also possible for team members to create a ticket if a customer’s query came from other communication channels, such as LiveChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or a phone call. In the further development stages, the application will gather customer queries on its own no matter where they come from.

All the inquiries are collected as tickets and assigned with the appropriate statuses and categories within the application. Ticket statuses or categories help to navigate through collected messages and manage them in a more effective way compared to an email inbox. What’s more, knowing which of the tickets are open, pending or solved makes the customer service team’s job seamless and much more efficient.

HelpDesk also supports team collaboration with an assignment feature which enables a user to assign a ticket to a group or a particular person. HelpDesk then sends email notifications to let the team members know it’s something they need to take care of.

To speed up the response time, a user can provide canned responses. They are templates that simplify dealing with repetitive questions and are instantly available for the whole team.

In the next development stages, HelpDesk will also be enriched with reports that include the number of new tickets, the first response time, the number of solved tickets and their resolution time.

HelpDesk is available as a desktop and mobile application.