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LiveChat Software is a global provider of solutions for managing online business communications, generating leads, and selling online.

The product portfolio includes:

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All the products are a part of the ecosystem. As a result, their users can integrate them to enhance their teams’ productivity and effectiveness, fulfill business needs, and improve customers’ experiences. What’s more, the users can connect with each other and also with the Company’s experts and developers in the Community.

The Company offers its solution under the SaaS (Software as a Service) model. They are used for managing text communication with customers both in business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sectors. LiveChat Software’s customer portfolio starts with small, private companies and goes up to Fortune 500 enterprises, including PayPal, IKEA, Ryanair, Unilever, Henkel or Atlassian.

LiveChat Software currently focuses on developing new products, updating existing ones, and expanding customer acquisition channels.

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The Company has a proven business model with a marginal, close to zero customer acquisition cost. Because of the low level of recurring expenses and no additional CAPEX, LiveChat Software keeps a high degree of scalability of its business while retaining strong profit margins.

LiveChat Software’s products are addressed primarily to SMEs. Still, by introducing new features into its solutions and flexible pricing schemes, the Company is also reaching out to businesses that operate on a larger scale. A progressive price list allows the Company to generate higher revenues from clients who use a more significant number of functionalities.

Businesses from all industries use the Company’s solutions. At present, IT companies account for the most significant number of clients. Other prominent sectors represented among customers include retailing, education, marketing, gaming and gambling, automotive, entertainment, financial services, health care, and tourism.

LiveChat Software also runs many other projects whose common trait is accelerating customer acquisition growth rate. These include the Partner Program that builds a community of partners with marketers and agencies worldwide to create new sales channels for the Company’s products suite. Beyond that, the Company also offers the LiveChat Platform that allows developers to build applications by using LiveChat’s APIs and Services and monetize them using marketplace.

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